Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ode to Grass Fed/Finished Beef

Oh you beatiful bovine, roaming on Earth's bounty
The ground below so green is your sustenance
Sky above you, your life is simple
No grain is needed to nourish you
No antibiotic to cure your ills
I am grateful for your sacrifice!

If you have not discovered Grass fed/finished beef yet, it's time to look into it. These cows live a good life, and eat the grass and flowers they were meant to eat. In the winter they only eat hay. This ensures that their omega 6 to 3 ratio is something close to 3:1. Just remember cows are fed grains to fatten them up. Grain changes the omega 6 to 3 ratio upwards of 10:1. Cows are not meant to eat massive amounts of grain. Grain bad grass good! Not to mention the wonderful efforts sustainable farmers use to keep there animals healthy and clean. Not to mention how inhumane conventional cattle farming is, and how toxic the pollutants are.

Need more reasons to eat grass fed?
Need to order some grass fed beef, bison, pastured chickens, turkeys or pork?
slankers is really high quality, but you have to call in, can't order online
u.s. wellness meats offers a good selection, but be careful, I'm not sure everything is grass finished
north star bison has tasty bison options, and since it's operation is in Wisconsin, it is most sustainable for the midwest

organic pastures for your raw dairy needs

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