Monday, August 24, 2009

Grocery List

I remember the good old days when grocery shopping used to be simple. In college I'd push the cart to the cereal section and get some Cheerios. Then push it to the frozen aisle and peruse pizzas, as if one were better than the other. Add a couple frozen dinners, maybe a gallon of milk, a case of beer, and buzz out of there.

Nowadays it's a bit more complicated. I have to hit up the farmers markets for local grass fed meats, and the freshest veggies (we survey what's available in our own garden first so I don't buy that). Then I put in my weekly order for Raw Milk, butter, and cheese with our local cow share. Then it's off to Whole Foods to buy anything else we can't find ( I cant wait for the Dill Pickle Co-Op to open in our neighborhood: Logan Square, Chicago). Finally, I may order grass fed meats online if nothing else is available (us wellness or slankers grass fed).

I know it seems like a lot of work, but it's a labor of love. It truly pays off when we sit at the dinner table and know we are enjoying some of the most delicious food in town!

Here's a sample of our grocery list:

2lbs grass fed rump roast
2lbs pastured chicken breast
1lb pastured pork chops
1lb pastured bacon
1 gallon raw pastured whole milk
8oz raw pasture butter
8oz raw cheddar or goat cheese
2lbs pastured shoulder of goat
1-2 heads of kale
4-8 tomatoes
1 box of spring mix
1lb almonds or almond butter, walnuts or macadamia
3-6 cans OG coconut milk
1 bunch fresh herbs
1 bottle of cooking wine
4-8 sweet potatoes
4-8 carrots
1 head of celery
1 bunch parsley
2-4 raw kombucha
1 bunch spinach or collards
1lb OG blueberries
1 OG cantaloupe or watermelon (or both!)
2-8 OG apples
1 six pack micro-brew or red wine


  1. Your blog is great! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am impressed.

  2. Thanks babe! You're great, and my biggest inspiration!