Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lunch n Dinner!

This is a strange lunch even for me.  I wanted to get in a few extra carbs since the Crossfit WOD ("workout of the day", crossfit lingo) was especially brutal today. Fruit is a great way to get carbs!  I sliced one apple, and dipped each slice in almond butter. Then sliced a farm fresh nectarine.  In the middle is the weird stuff, Pemmican from U.S. Wellness Meats. Pemmican is basically rendered fat (or tallow), with "grass fed beef jerky, touch of honey, dried cherries and sea salt".  Not bad, tastes a bit like bacon... It is apparently taken from a historic Native American recipe.

Here is a simple, yet delicious dinner.  The Pork Chop is from pastured pigs.  Pigs can't be grass fed, they eat a much more diverse diet than cows.  Pastured means they are allowed to scavenge around for bugs, tubers, and other goodies they might find in the wild.  Unfortunately they need to be supplemented with some feed, which likely means grains.  The process of being pastured is much more humane than conventional pig farming.
First I brined the Chops overnight with some herbs. Then I barbecued the pork chop on a cedar plank we bought at Costco on recommendation from our neighbor.  It had a wonderful smoky flavor, very juicy too!  Amanda made a raw cabbage coleslaw.  She used Purple Cabbage, Veganaise, pepper, sea salt, garlic and chopped onion.

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